Unexpected Titles that will go Viral

Right, so I blog, and I read about blogging, but changing the habits of a lifetime is not easy. Most articles about writing blog content I nod along to and then promptly forget about. Okay, I get the principle that info-graphics are amazing, but I don’t have the technical ability to create them at present!

One thing that has stuck in the mind is get to the point quickly so I will stop waffling and point you towards this great blog by Dan Shure on writing punchy title tags. In short formatting great blogs will take time, but I can start with doing good titles! Especially in the world of Twitter and utilising Bitly to reformat urls it should really help propagate the content for Sportsbook Guardian (check out the new blog content we put on the front page this week).

The blog mentions title tips like creating a conflict, generating excitement, curiosity, emotive words. Very good.

Content is King

So good content is King, but becoming a King isn’t easy. Kings of Yore presumably worked hard, were good with swords, employed cunning and guile and dragged their way up from being Knaves. However Knaves need tools also, and hopefully I will bring into play Dan Shures principles to get me up the ladder with our content!

    Kestrel for a Knave

‘An Eagle for an Emperor, a Gyrfalcon for a King:
a Peregrine for a Prince, & a Saker for a Knight,
a Merlin for a lady, a Goshawk for a Yeoman,
a Sparrowhawk for a Priest, & a Kestrel for a Knave.’


Content King Webmaster for SEO

Content is King for SEO!

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